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Marking Scheme for Biological Drawings

Lab Manual (Bio 11 and 12)(Click the link): Lab procedures, lab write up instructions and biological drawing instructions

Some Anatomical Terms(Bio 11 and 12)

You will not be required to learn these terms for an exam or test, however, this list can serve as a reference.

Ventral - the underside

Dorsal - the back of the animal; the side opposite the ventral side. The vertebral column of vertebrates is no the dorsal side of the animal.

Lateral - toward the side

Median - toward the middle

Anterior - the head end

Posterior - the end opposite the head end

Caudal - toward the tail

Cranial - toward the head

Longitudinal - along a line from the head to the tail

Transverse - along a line that is 90° to the longitudinal axis

Pelvic - toward the rear limbs

Distal - far from

Proximal - near